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Spill kit container colours
Spill kit


Settlement reached with AusSpill and Spill Station regarding ACIS2695


Global Spill Control, one of Australia’s largest spill and safety equipment manufacturers, has recently reached a settlement with AusSpill Association and Sydney-based spill kit provider Spill Station, after it launched Supreme Court proceedings against the two organisations for deceptive and misleading conduct.


In late 2018, AusSpill and Spill Station designed and promoted their own guidelines for spill kits, labelling it Australian Spill Control Industry Standard (ASCIS) 2695.


The labelling of this document as ASCIS 2695 may have led spill kit customers to believe that there was an independent, regulatory Australian Standard, or similar, implying certain minimum performance standards for the design, manufacture and operation of spill kits. No such standards exist.


AusSpill and Spill Station have released a corrective statement to clarify that ASCIS 2695 is not an Australian Industry Standard. In addition, there is no Australian Standard or other regulation, law or otherwise in Australia regarding the colour of spill control kit containers, as opposed to the guideline promoted by Spill Station and AusSpill, which required spill kits to be ‘lime green’ in colour.


A quick response is crucial when a spill occurs and confusion between an ordinary rubbish bin and a green spill kit could mean the difference between effective containment and severe environmental consequences.


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