Spill training DVD course – introduction to spill kits

In Part Number: STV

Short spill training DVD designed to introduce staff to spill kits and how to use them appropriately in the workplace.

Spill training DVD course – introduction to spill kits


This spill training DVD is designed to give participants an introduction to spill kits and the basic understanding of how to use them. It is an induction-style training DVD aimed to take the mystery away from spill kits located around the work site.


This spill training DVD introduces participants to the different types of spill kits and shows how to identify which kit is appropriate to use in which spill situation.

  • A simple flow chart is used to explain the steps that should be followed in a spill clean up situation.
  • Each tool within the kit is explained and shown in use within several spill events.
  • Reporting and restocking is discussed.
  • A short test and related answers are provided for the DVD administrator to use. Also included on the spill training DVD is a printable flow chart, which we recommend distributing to each student at the start of the spill training DVD course.
  • A printable certificate template (PDF) is included for the administrator to issue to participants who pass the test.


At the end of the training session participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the type and purpose of equipment used in a typical spill kit.
  2. Describe the appropriate action in the event of a minor spill.



  • Confidence in using a spill kit correctly.
  • Knowledge and confidence leads to improved hydrocarbon handling techniques and results in less spills.
  • Staff awareness of your company’s spill control equipment, SDS, incident reporting and disposal preferences.

Session duration: The length of the spill training DVD is 30 minutes


Format: This spill training DVD is issued as a single licence only. Network versions of the training course are available upon request.


Consumables: Some samples of the absorbents discussed are supplied with the spill training DVD, providing participants with a physical item to view.

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