Spill trailers – custom built

In Part Number: TRS-CUSTOM

Custom spill trailers can be stocked with a large range of absorbents, clean up equipment and PPE to cater for different spill types and sizes.

Ranging in size, style and design, spill trailers can respond rapidly with the right equipment to oil, fuel or chemical spills of 1000 to 20 000 litres.


Emergency spill trailers are designed as highly mobile spill response units used by industry, mining and emergency services. They deliver a peace of mind at locations and worksites where the potential and capacity for a large spill is present.


Starting with a base model, each spill trailer is customised to suit your specific requirements, location and environment.


Spill trailers can be stocked with a large range of absorbents, clean up equipment and PPE to cater for different spill types and sizes. Combination trailers are often supplied where either an oil or chemical spill could occur, or where the spilled liquid is unknown. In these applications, absorbents are colour-coded for easy identification.


Our experienced team can design and offer suggestions on a range of options that best suit your requirements.


Spill response trailer - custom built with transfer pump side viewTandem spill trailer, 8′ x 5′ with internal wall, customised shelving, absorbents and a transfer pump on a trolley. This trailer had some water-based capabilities with mini air boom, absorbent water booms, skimmer and transfer pump. Absorbent roll holders unclipped from the frame on one end and allowing them to swing out for easy access.
Spill response trailer - custom built with roof mountCustom roof mount boom storage box with gas strut doors



Made in Australia

Equipment list

Spills on land
  • Absorbent booms
  • Absorbent pads, pillows and rolls
  • Ground and floor absorbents
  • Neutralisers
Spills on water
  • Absorbent booms
  • Containment booms
  • Sweeps, socks and bags
  • Rope, buoys and anchors
  • Magnetic boom connectors
  • Bib and brace waders
  • Skimmers
  • Pumps and power packs
  • Chemically resistant gloves
  • Coveralls and overalls
  • Dust and chemical masks
  • Goggles and safety cabinets
  • Portable eyewash units
  • First aid kits
  • Hand cleaner
  • Torches and lights
  • Sunburn cream
Clean up items
  • Non-sparking shovels
  • Brooms, shovels and rakes
  • Contaminated waste bins
  • Contaminated waste disposal bags
  • Detergent, degreaser and dispersant
Build configuration
  • Equipment holders
  • Cargo racks
  • Gas strut doors
  • Chequer plate toolboxes
  • Off-road wheels
  • Spare tyres
  • Mechanical brakes
  • Extended drawbars
  • Split compartments
  • Internal shelving
  • Safety and warning signage
  • Hot-dip galvanising
  • Special paint finish/colour
  • Dust sealing


Made in Australia

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