Spill response trailer – tandem axle

In Part Number: TRS8X5U

This 3347 litre tandem-axle spill response trailer is designed as a highly mobile spill response unit used by industry, mining and emergency services.


3347 litres

This 3347 litre emergency spill response trailer is designed to be a highly mobile spill response unit used by industry, mining and emergency services. It delivers peace of mind at locations and worksites where the potential and capacity for a large spill is present.


Ranging in size, style and design, spill trailers can respond rapidly with the right equipment to oil, fuel or chemical spills of 1000 to 20 000 litres. See our Custom Spill Trailers page for more information.


This 3347 litre spill response trailer includes oil, fuel and hazchem absorbents, together with clean up tools, PPE and other accessories.


This heavy duty 8′ x 5′ industrial tandem axle trailer includes extended drawbar and off-road jockey wheel. Also features a hot-dip galvanised chassis with marine grade aluminium enclosure for maximum corrosion resistance in arduous mining or marine environments.


  • Heavy duty off road tyres and Sunraysia style rims – landcruiser stud pattern with matching spare wheel and tyre.
  • Sealed side and rear doors with internal bracing, recessed locks and gas struts. Open doors can be used for shade or weather protection.
  • 150mm high roof rack and roof mounted LED work lights with individual isolators.
  • Sheltered work centre at rear of trailer with fold out table, instruction manual and SDS.
  • Integral storage shelves with labelled storage boxes – boxes are fitted with security tags.
  • A range of clean up tools including long handled metal shovels, natural fibre brooms, long handled rake and anti-static, non metallic shovels.
  • Oil and fuel only absorbent pads, rolls, pillows and mini booms.
  • Hazchem (chemical) absorbent pads, rolls, pillows and mini booms.
  • Oil/fuel absorbent emergency deployment marine booms and mops.
  • Ground absorbents including mineral sponge, oil/fuel only peat and a general purpose cellulose-based floorsweep.
  • Ancillary items including safety cones, drum repair putty, pipe repair bandage, quick break degreaser, safety torches and barrier tape.
  • Clean up items including contaminated waste disposal bags, large hazguard waste drum, knife, rope and storage crates.
  • PPE – 6x sets of chemical-resistant work gloves and bulk clean up gauntlets.
  • PPE- 6x sets anti-static disposable coveralls (plus 6x spare), wet weather trousers/coat and steel toe gumboots.
  • PPE – 6x sets safety goggles, hard hats, face shields and half-face respirators with twin filter cartridges.
  • PPE – 2x one litre emergency eyewash, first aid kit, cleaning wipes and hand cleaner.


Made in Australia



TrailerSpare wheel, jockey wheel, mechanical brakes, lockable rear and side doors.
Trailer (internal)Central partition, shelving with storage crates, SDS holder and tool holders
Clean up itemsAnti-static shovels, metal shovels, brooms, rakes, squeegee, hammer and mattock.
Oil and fuel absorbentsAbsorbent pads, rolls, pillows, mini booms, marine booms, mop and particulate.
Hazchem (chemical) absorbentsAbsorbent pads, rolls, pillows and mini booms.
Ancillary itemsDrum repair putty, quick break degreaser, safety torch and barrier tape.
Disposal itemsDisposal bags, hazspill drum/waste receptacle, knife and rope.
PPEChemical gloves, disposable overalls, eyewash, first aid kit, respirators, absorbent wipes and hand cleaner.


Spill capacity:

  • Oil and fuel – 2738 litres
  • Hazchem/chemical – 609 litres


Made in Australia

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