Spill kit – general purpose 240L wheelie bin

In Part Number: SKGPB240

General purpose spill kit designed for up to 202L of spills of non-agressive liquids.

Dimensions 60 × 70 × 105 cm

Use this general spill kit to help clean up everyday spills of coolant, solvent, oil, degreaser, paint, blood, mild acids and other non-aggressive liquids.


The SKGPB240 is a large capacity spill kit ideal for both indoor and outdoor use – wherever liquids are stored, handled, used and spilled. General purpose absorbents are colour-coded grey for easy identification.


Actual absorbent capacity will vary depending on liquid viscosity, specific gravity and temperature.


  • Locate this general spill kit close to areas that store day-to-day liquids.
  • Contains general purpose floor-sweep and polypropylene all-liquid maintenance absorbents.
  • Polypropylene is able to recover up to 20 times its own weight in liquid.
  • Clean non-allergenic, non-hazardous absorbents, with little or no dust.
  • A Global audit tag is included and when fitted will readily identify when the kit has been accessed or used.
  • General purpose spill kit includes labels, laminated re-order form and operating instructions contained within a specially designed document holder fitted to the back inside wall of the wheelie bin.
  • UV-stabilised and colour-coded labels are fitted to the front and sides of the wheelie bin. The front label identifies the type of spill kit and liquids absorbed, whilst the two side labels provide clear and concise emergency response instructions.
  • Spill kits can be customised by adding / removing / swapping components.
  • Spill kit can be converted to a Pollution Control Station with accessories such as shovels (long-handled or non-sparking), wall mounted signs, bassine brooms, bin covers, squeegees, bin locks or rakes.
  • Spill kit is supplied in a blue 240 litre wheelie bin.

Australian Made


Spill kits are available in an extensive range of sizes and types to ensure a fit for purpose spill kit is on hand to help minimise risk and meet environmental obligations.


Qty Description Size Code
4 General purpose absorbent mini boom 1.2m x 7.5cm SCM12075
2 General purpose absorbent mini boom 2.4m x 7.5cm SCM24075
3 Budgetsorb all-liquid absorbent 50 litre bag BSB50L
50 General purpose absorbent pads 45cm x 45cm SCM45M
6 Disposal bag labelled DB
2 PVC gloves 450mm PVCG450
1 Audit tag AT
All components are replaceable individually or as a refill kit:
1 SKGPB240 refill kit Complete SKGPB240-Refill


Absorbent capacity: up to 202 litres

Please note: absorbent capacity will vary depending on liquid viscosity, specific gravity and temperature.

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