Document / binder storage holder – open top


Use this binder storage holder to store emergency information or safety data sheets in strategic areas within your workplace. Select your wording from the menu above.

Dimensions40 × 40 × 17 cm

Use this binder storage holder to store important information such as emergency information or Safety Data Sheets. Designed for indoor or undercover use, this box can comfortably accommodate two large binders.


This binder storage holder is also suitable to store other files and documents such as maps, emergency evacuation plans, instruction manuals, records, logs and other important documents and can be easily mounted in strategic locations.


  • Binder storage holder has open top and securely holds documents and file binders.
  • Mount the binder holders in strategic and relevant areas on your site.
  • Can easily be mounted on a wall or mesh fence – holes are pre-drilled in each top corner (fixings excluded).
  • Document storage holder is high visibility red powder-coated  steel construction.
  • Choose from one of two standard labels – SAFETY DATA SHEETS LOCATED HERE in white text or EMERGENCY INFORMATION in white text.
  • Customised labels are available on request.


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Did you know…?

The Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 (WA) require manufacturers and suppliers to determine whether a chemical they supply is hazardous. If the chemical is classified as hazardous, then a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) must be supplied which is then readily accessible to users of the chemical. This access should be as close to the work area as reasonably practicable.

A SDS must be written in English, must contain certain information and must be less than five years old. SDS should not be confused with a product specification sheet, which provides information on characteristics of the product and directions for use.

An SDS holder keeps these important documents secure and readily available to users whilst protecting them from moisture, dirt etc.


SDS binder storage holder labelled SAFETY DATA SHEETS LOCATED HERE40cm x 40cm x 17cmSCDHM005
SDS binder storage holder labelled EMERGENCY INFORMATION40cm x 40cm x 17cmSCDHM006


  • Manufactured from high-visibility red powder-coated steel construction
  • Can easily be mounted on a wall or mesh fence – holes are pre-drilled in each top corner (fixings excluded).

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