Chemical tape – ChemTape


This chemical tape is chemical-resistant tape designed specifically to secure protective apparel in the event of a spill.

Dimensions5500 × 4.8 cm

This Kappler chemical tape is chemical-resistant tape designed specifically to secure protective apparel in the event of a spill. This tape provides added assurance when taping around gloves, coveralls, boots and respirators.

It is designed specifically for protective apparel and related applications. With outstanding holdout against the entire ASTM F1001 test battery.


  • Kappler ChemTape #99402YM
  • Use this tape to seal PPE in place to prevent any chance of exposure in industrial applications.
  • Patented chemical-resistant tape designed specifically for protective apparel.
  • Tape seals gloves to coveralls, protecting the skin from any exposure when dealing with chemicals.
  • The hazchem tape roll size: 55m x 4.8cm


PPE accessories include important tools to keep personnel safe on the job. These include items such as:

  • Tapes for protective clothing (for example, used to create a liquid or air-tight seal between coveralls and gloves)
  • Safety helmets and hard hats
  • Disposable boot / shoe covers
  • Visors or face shields
  • Plus a range of safety vests.

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Use this tape to repair choose protective clothing including coveralls. Lakeland coverall options for light dust and spray protection, all the way through to chemical protective clothing. Our Lakeland range also includes gas-tight and fire retardant protection – please speak to us for more information.

Chemical tape – Kappler ChemTape #99402YM55m x 4.8cmTAPE CHEMICAL

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