Aerosol can storage cages

Our new range of aerosol storage cages are constructed from heavy duty, powder-coated steel. They are robust and easy to manoeuvre – certain aerosol can storage cages can even be bench mounted.

Aerosol cages can also be modified to become containment shelving solutions – speak to us for more information.

Our aerosol storage cages range from 12 up to 440 aerosol cans (65mm diameter) depending on cage model.

The aerosol cages feature high open area perforations which deliver natural ventilation in accordance with Australian Standards and all appropriate warning and safety signage is included.

Bolt down plates allow the cage to be permanently fixed for added security and all doors can be locked using the padlock lugs (padlocks are not supplied). Doors are also fitted with a magnetic latch for easy closure.

These aerosol can storage cages are manufactured in Australia to comply with the requirements of AS/NZS3833-2007.

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