29 Jul 2014
Silt Boom Hire for Contractors – Swan River Perth

Silt boom hire is an attractive option for contractors who only require short term deployment. Silt boom hire is …

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29 Jul 2014
Jumbo Drain Warden for Container Yard

Purpose Built Jumbo Drain Warden built for Container Handling Yard Problem Large stormwater pit running directly to nearby river. …

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29 Jul 2014
700 Meter Semi-Permanent Oil Spill Containment Boom

Early this year our Victorian Sales Office was contacted by BAE Systems to manufacture them a semi-permanent oil spill …

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02 Apr 2014

We have just finished updating our Global Spill Control YouTube channel with new videos for a new range of …

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03 Feb 2014

Global Spill Control has released a brand new range of aerosol safety storage cages! Our range of aerosol cages is …

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12 Sep 2013
Global Spill Oil Boom at Banana Alley!

Global Spill Control identified both an impervious and an absorbent oil boom at Banana Alley after a derelict party …

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New biohazard spill kit
27 Aug 2013
New biohazard spill kit from Global Spill Control

New biohazard spill kits are coming soon.   We’re releasing our brand new range of biohazard spill kits soon in a fantastic …

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22 Aug 2013
Custom 350L Flammable Safety Cabinet!

Large flammable safety cabinets from Global Spill Control   We have once again been requested to use our skills …

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09 Aug 2013
Our new Environmental Product Catalogue is here!

Request a copy of our brand new spill control and environmental product catalogue with updated products, new products and …

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08 Aug 2013
Oiled Wildlife Response and Oil Spill Response

Global Spill Control’s sister company, Perth Petroleum works closely with Pendoley Oiled Wildlife Response operations. Oiled Wildlife Response (OWR) …

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05 Aug 2013
Document / MSDS Holders

We’re pleased to announce the release of our new Aluminium and Polyethylene MSDS holders and document holders! Suitable for …

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01 Aug 2013
Oil spill in Thailand hits nearby isle shores!

BANGKOK — An oil spill in Thailand that has marred a tourist island in the Gulf of Thailand has …

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