Kepner Plastics


Kepner Plastics supplies, manufactures and designs environmental response equipment; solutions for marine applications, buildings, tanks and storage. Kepner Plastics is first in performance and reliability while remaining cost-effective for custom plastic fabrications as well as pollution control equipment worldwide.


Kepner Plastics Barrel-O-Boom

The SeaCurtain Barrel-O-Boom System offers up to 46m of self-inflating SuperCompactible oil spill containment boom for fast easy deployment. With a compact storage ratio of 12:1, the system is stored in a durable, stackable plastic drum complete and ready to use.


Kepner Plastics SeaCurtain ReelPak Boom System

SeaCurtain ReelPak boom systems self-inflate during deployment so there is no need for pumps or other ancillary equipment and there are no check valves to close. Even the largest systems require only one control console operator and one tow boat for deployment.

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