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Cleaning, disposal and remediation

We developed water-based degreasers and detergents in response to the needs of industry and mining for more environmentally-friendly products. Quick-break degreasers are essential for good oil-water separation, are biodegradable and are non-phosphorus which is important when releasing waste water to holding ponds. Citrus-based degreasers are ideal for removing some stains and the sticky residue resulting from a spill. Oil filter crushers allow an operator to reduce waste and reclaim the internal oil from filters. Products that help in the disposal of contaminated absorbents and bioremediation of spill site. Appropriate disposal of contaminated absorbents through high temperature incineration is a simple yet highly-effective method of waste volume reduction. The bioremediation of contaminated soil or water is often required as the final stage of spill clean-up. We have a new range of bioremedetion liquid that is proving to be very effective in spill site remediation.

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