Battery acid will burn – how to clean up spill safely

18 Mar 2016
Battery acid spill kit 6 litre absorbent capacity
Battery acid spill kits

Should they leak, batteries containing sulphuric acid are a major concern to human health. The sulphuric acid contained within a battery is an extremely corrosive and dangerous liquid that requires special handling in the event of a leak or spill.


Incorrect absorbents may create a thermic reaction which results in the liquid spraying and spitting and releasing harmful gasses. Inhalation of these gasses can cause damage to internal organs.


These acid spills can be handled using a battery acid spill kit. Available in small and large sizes, these easily identifiable and portable spill kits can be stocked wherever batteries are stored, transported or handled. They are ideal for minesites, auto workshops, forklift areas or battery storage areas.


In these battery acid spill kits, the acid is neutralised with a solution prior to absorbing the liquid.



How to safely clean up battery acid spills (summary):


The small battery acid spill kit is designed for spills of up to eight litres whereas the large wheelie bin spill kit has been formulated to handle battery acid spills of up to 82 litres.


Firstly isolate the area, notify supervisors, and control access to the area. Wear and use all protective equipment contained within the kit (nitrile gloves, safety goggles) at all times before, during and after spill clean up. Responders should be wearing long pants, long sleeves and enclosed shoes.


Sprinkle the acid neutraliser around the spill to contain and prevent any further flow, then continue to sprinkle over the rest of the spill. If the spill is large and your kit includes booms, use these also to contain the spill area.


Use absorbent pads to absorb spilled acid if the spill exceeds the capacity of neutraliser.


Remove used absorbent pads and place carefully into the disposal bag, together with the swept up neutraliser. Place all used PPE into the bag and tie it off.


Label the bag and store safely, then dispose of waste through a licensed hazchem company.


All battery acid spill kits are supplied with fully detailed instructions for use to ensure the safe and efficient clean up of these dangerous spills.

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