Degreasers and cleaners

Global degreasers and cleaners have been developed by Australians for Australian workplaces. Our range includes a variety of cleaners to suit your industry and individual needs – choose from the options below:


Global grease cutter A heavy duty hydrocarbon degreaser which penetrates and lifts heavy oils, greases, fats.
Global Green workshop A general use industrial degreaser / cleaner for most applications within the workplace.
Global Green truck wash Designed for use on vehicles – trucks, buses, boats and cars. Can be used with a high pressure cleaner or applied by hand.
Global Green organic 202 A degreaser/cleaner designed for use by organic producers or for those seeking a low environmental-impact degreaser.
Global Green super concentrate Designed for users in remote locations, this high-strength, neat formulation of Global Green workshop is to be diluted on-site.


Global degreasers and cleaners are:

  • Economical (made in Australia so no currency fluctuations or import costs)
  • Available in a range of container sizes to suit your requirements
  • True quick break degreasers for use in oil water separators (except organic 202)
  • Safe and environmentally friendly – the ideal replacement for hazardous degreasers within your workplace

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