Quick break detergent

Using Global Green non-phosphorus (NP) wash-down detergent for vehicle and workshop floor washdown eliminates, or at worst, substantially reduces environmental contamination.

Cleaning agents and detergents without correct quick-break properties allow oil-contaminated wash-down water to pass through most oil/water separators, interceptor pits and oil traps that are designed to remove oil.

Quick-breaks emulsify (break down into ever-decreasing droplet size) fuels and oils. When contained within a volume of water, the quick-break action releases the fuel and oil, allowing it to rise to the surface where it can be recovered. 92% of fuel and oil is released within ten minutes.

In addition to being a quick-break and biodegradable detergent, the Global Green range does not contain phosphorus. High levels of phosphate encourage algal blooms such as toxic bluegreen algae. Phosphorus often accumulates in water bodies that receive washdown effluent, such as minesites and industrial-effluent dams, rivers, lakes and sewage plants.

As an Australian manufacturer, we’re always looking to save our customers money. As a result, we have developed a super-concentrate version five times the strength of our standard Global Green NP. Global Green super concentrate will save money for those companies with large transport costs, particularly in remote areas.

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