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A bit aboutĀ Global Spill Control

Global Spill Control is Australian-owned and operated and has provided spill control, spill containment and spill clean-up solutions since 1991. Our products range from spill kits, IBC and drum containment bunds, drip trays and spill pallets through to PPE, marine spill equipment and spill remediation products. In addition to manufacturing over 97% of our products, we also provide specialist advice and recommendations on all spill kits and spill equipment, and also deliver spill response training courses.


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    We are pleased to announce that on 1 August 2015, Global Spill Control merged with Perth-based Perth Petroleum Services …
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    Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), commonly known as AdBlue in Australia, is an aqueous urea solution used in modern diesel …
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    Many are aware of the importance of supporting Australian business, with evidence highlighting the fact that a significant number …
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  • Oil Absorbent Boom – Custom Design

    In mid 2011, a major international Oil & Gas company approached one of our distributors to design and manufacture …

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